Children's Programming


READ Fur MeLearning to read is often less about intellectual limitation than about overcoming fears.  Animals are ideal reading companions because they:
    • · Help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure.
    • · Listen attentively.
    • · Do not judge, laugh or criticize.
    • · Allow children to proceed at their own pace.
    • · Are less intimidating than peers.
 When a dog is listening, the environment is transformed, a child's dread is replaced by eager anticipation, and learning occurs.  The handler shifts performance pressure off the child and provides support, while the child gets supervised reading practice necessary to build vocabulary, increase understanding of the material, and gain fluency as a reader. 

Anubis loves to come to the library and listen to people read.  So if your child would like to read to her give us a call at 574-896-2841 and we can schedule an appointment between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Tuesdays or Thursdays or on a convenient Saturday.  As part of  the READ program we will keep track of each twenty minute session with Anubis.  After ten sessions the child can choose something from the goodie drawer; and after twenty sessions they get a special gift.