Welcome to the World of eBooks at Axis360

    posted Jun 20, 2014, 8:59 AM by North Judson Public Library

    In May, 2014, the North Judson-Wayne Township Library signed an agreement with Baker & Taylor Axis360 to provide eBooks for taxpayers in our service district.  (If you live outside of Wayne Township your home library can provide you with eBooks – locally the Starke County Library System or the Pulaski County Library System.) 

    Before you get too excited, there is some bad news that goes with the good.  If you have an older Kindle, Nook and some Android based ereaders/tablets, you will not be able to download books directly to your reader as their operating systems are not set up that way.   


    Applications you will need:

    There are four applications that you need to download directly to your tablet.  Each of them is free and you should be able to download them through Google, Android apps or from our Axis360 site under “App Zone” (


    1. AxisReader is an application from Baker & Taylor which will allow you to connect to our library, browse the collection, login to your account with the library, and download books.

    2. Acoustik is an application that will read books to you if they are set up to be read.  You will have to set up a free account with Acoustik. Not all the books we purchase will be Acoustik compatible.

    3. Blio is an application that allows you to see the books laid out as the author intended.  You will have to set up a free account with Blio. This is especially important with books that have directions, pictures, etc.

    4. Adobe Digital Editions is an application from Adobe which will allow you to read books on your ereader/tablet in the epub format. You will have to set up a free account with Adobe.  You will need to download this program to your laptop/computer and use it to transfer books to your older Kindle/Nook, and some Android based ereaders/tablets, by connecting them directly to your laptop/computer with the cord that came with them. 


    How to Checkout eBooks:

    So you visited our “Magic Wall” and found a book that looks interesting, how do you check it out?  When you linger on a title an information box will open.  Choose the format you want to use and then you can add the item to your checkout list (if you want to keep looking), check it out right away, or put it on your wish list if it is already checked out.  Once you make your choice a box will open asking you to enter your 14 digit library card number beginning with 2979.  If you choose you can checkout up to three items for 14 days and add titles to your wish list.  You can then download the books directly to your tablet (or computer if you are using an older Kindle, Nook, or some Android based ereaders/tablets).


    How Often Will New Books Appear on the Magic Wall?

    Now, did you know that most eBooks are only “leased” to libraries?  And that we only “own” them for a limited amount of time?  When you purchase a book for your ereader from Amazon or Barnes & Noble you usually pay the same price as you would for a physical copy of the book, part of that price (the royalty) goes to the author and you get to keep the book forever.  When libraries purchase eBooks we get them for a limited time (usually a minimum of 1 year or in some cases a total of 26 circulations - which could be more than one year depending on the popularity of the item) and we have to pay the author’s royalty for 26 books whether the item circulates 26 times or not.  So the brand new book that you might pay $25/$30 for could cost us somewhere between $75 and $150, and we don’t get to keep it.  Needless to say we won’t be purchasing many brand new books as eBooks, but once the price comes down in about 6-8 months they will be considered.

    We hope to add more titles to our eBook collection every other month and welcome your input as to titles and authors for consideration.