Know Your Charities and Where Your Money Is Going

posted Sep 19, 2017, 4:08 PM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library
Indiana State Police - Public Information Office

With all the charities that are asking for your hard earned money, there are people and organizations that are posing as legitimate charities or fund raisers who are putting your money in their bank accounts.  They say they represent nonprofit organizations and they are scamming people out of cash and credit card numbers to benefit themselves. 

People who have donated money to the Flora Fire Fund or to the Abby and Libby fund, be sure and check to see they are legitimate charities.  Information has been received that there are scams going on using these two charities to try to work on your sympathy to send money.  Be sure and ask questions when you are called or if you call a number you found on the internet for those soliciting funds to support any legitimate causes.  Questions that a scammer does not like to be asked are; 
  1. May I have your business license number?
  2. Do you belong to the Chamber of Commerce?
  3. May I call your local Chamber of Commerce?
  4. What is the name of your banker so I can verify your statements?
  5. May I have your broker's license number?
  6. What sort of references can you provide?
  7. Can you give me addresses where I can see samples of your work?
  8. Do you mind if I get a second opinion?
  9. Do you mind if I check with the local authorities?
  10. May I have your contractor's license number?
  11. Do you mind if I verify that procedure with my banker and/or my attorney? 
After asking a few of the questions, scammers will usually hang up.  They want to be the ones to ask questions not answer them. 

If you feel that you are being scammed, hang up and notify your local police department or the Indiana State Police.  If you have given money or used a credit card or have sent a check, cancel the check and notify your credit card company immediately to stop payment.  We only investigate the alleged scam.  It is the opinion of the local prosecutor if there is sufficient evidence to file charges or not.  If a credit card is used and you are not liable for the charges, the credit card company is the victim not you.  It will be the opinion of the credit card company to pursue charges or not. 

Always check into any type of fund raising organization if you are not familiar with them.  It is better to spend a little time and save your money than to try and get the money back after it is gone.