23 - Churches

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As the community increased in size, its need for places of worship became evident. 
Church services were first held in 1851 by a few early Methodist settlers in North Judson.  They met in homes and in a log school building, located in the west part of town on what is now Talmer Avenue. 
The first preacher, then called a Circuit Rider, was Reverend John Adell, traveling on horseback between here and San Pierre, Knox and Winamac, where he also held services. 
The members build the first church building at the corner of Lane and Vine Streets in 1875 on a lot purchased from Walter Lightcap.  This building was enlarged in 1899 and a few years later was raised to provide a basement room for social activities during the pastorate of Reverend Walter Collier.  In 1949 this building was sold to Frank Krulik, who converted it into apartments, and in the same year the present House of Worship was built at the corner of Central Ave. and Jones St. under the direction of Reverend Joseph A. Hornick.  Reverend Paul M. Baker is the present pastor.
In 1877 the United Brethren denomination built a church on Adair Street, just east of the present Catholic School.  This church was destroyed by fire in 1889.  The membership then built a new church on Keller Avenue, north of the intersection of Central Avenue.  The congregation discontinued services here in 1913 and sold the property to the Methodists who planned to use the location for a new church providing the corner at Central Avenue could also be secured.  This, they were unable to do, so they sold the property to Mr. Harry Rust, Sr. in 1917.  He converted the church building into a residence, where the George Weninger family presently reside. 

St. Peter Lutheran 
In 1872 several German families joined together to form a congregation named the Evangelical Lutheran St. Peter’s Church.  Included in this first membership were Messrs. George Neupert, Jacob Kreis, William Liske, August Steuk, Daniel Kreis, Mike Ringhand, John Neupert, George Stocker, August Sonnenberg, Daniel Barke, John Hopp, Sr., Gottlieb Hankey, August Adam, William Wegner, William Keehn and Christ Schricker.  Christ Schricker was the father of former Governer Henry F. Schricker. 
The first pastor was Reverent Henry Jox, who was also serving the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Logansport. 
In 1880 the congregation joined the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri.  The first church building (26x40) was dedicated in October, 1873 and an addition was built in 1896.  In August, 1920, the present brick church at the southwest corner of Talmer Ave. and Wilson St. was built, adding an annex later for the Parochial School.  The frame school building built in 1893 was previously sold to William Schricker who moved it to the White City Sub-division and converted it into a residence. 
In 1959 a ten acre tract was purchased on West Talmer Avenue where a Lutheran Education Center has been built at a cost of over $100,000.  The members pan to eventually erect a new and enlarged house of worship at this location.  The school had an enrollment of 125 the past school year.  This regular course of study as required by the State of Indiana is provided.  Four teachers are employed with Mr. Glen Wiechmann serving as principal.  The Reverend Marvin L. Rastl is the present pastor. 

Ss. Cyril & Methodious Catholic Church
The first families of the Catholic faith settled in North Judson and surrounding communities soon after 1871 when they held services in homes.  Later, Mass was celebrated in the Central House, the first hotel in North Judson located on the north side of East Main Street between the corner of Lane Street and the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Father Dominic was the first priest, domiciled at Wanatah, making the trip by horse and buggy over unimproved and almost impassable roads every two weeks. 
The first church, a frame structure, was erected soon after 1881.  Jacob and Lewis Keller, brothers, who were engaged in the general merchandising business at the time, gave the lot on which the church was built.  The present church is situated at the same location. 
In 1887 Father Casmir Kobylinski became the first resident Priest, serving for five years. 
The present brick church was built in 1910-1911 and since that time improvements have been made, including a beautiful assembly and dining room with a modern kitchen.  
The first church building was purchased by Frank Vessely who tore it down and used the material to erect a home on the corner of Wilson and Garden Streets. 
Coming here in January, 1943, Reverend L. Krause continues as pastor of the local parish with Reverend Dana Achore, Assistant Pastor. 
The present four room, brick Parochial School on Adair Street was built the same year as the present church.  The School was built the same year as the present church.  The school has an enrollment of 180 pupils and the regular course of study is maintained as required by the State of Indian for all elementary public schools.  For teachers are employed, with Sister M. Aloysious in charge. 
Since the present building is too small, the congregation recently purchased a ten-acre tract from Claude Pfost on West Talmer Avenue, across the street and east of the Liberty Public School.  A new and enlarged modern school building is to be erected at a later date. 

From "Marvin Allen Photographic History of Starke County"