Learning Links for KIDS

Free learning websites for KIDS, Just click on the name of the site to visit a fun, educational, safe website for children to explore.

ALMA Kids - Discover the world's largest observatory with Talma 

Cernland - With a range of games, multimedia applications and films CERNland is the virtual theme park developed to bring the excitement of CERN's research to a young audience aged between 7 and 12. CERNland is designed to show children what we do at CERN and inspire them with some physics at the same time. (THIS WEBSITE DOES ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE TO SEVERAL DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.)

Dance Mat Typing - A fun way to learn touch typing.

Design Squad -  DESIGN SQUAD NATION engineers Judy and Adam work with kids around the world to make their wishes come true through engineering. 

Fun Brain - Play games while practicing math and reading skills. 

Get the Math - Get the Math is about algebra in the real world. See how professionals use math in music, fashion, videogames, restaurants, basketball, and special effects. Then take on interactive challenges related to those careers. 

Highlights Kids - Read, play games, and conduct cool science experiments.

Into The Book - Go "into the book" to play games that practice reading strategies.

JumpStart - Over its 20-year history JumpStart has remained dedicated to producing quality educational products, earning the trust of millions of teachers, parents, and respected organizations such as Common Sense Media and The National Parenting Center.

Knowledge Kids - Knowledge Kids offers hundreds full-length episodes of high-quality children’s programming. You’ll find favourites like Paw Patrol, Wild Kratts, Kate and Mim-Mim, Zerby Derby, Mister Maker, Astroblast, Hi Opie, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave, Rob the Robot, Shaun the Sheep, Annedroids and more.

Math TV - Covers Basic Math to Calculus. 

Mineralogy 4 Kids - The BEST Place to Learn about Rocks and Minerals.  Presented by the Mineralogical Society of America

National Geographic For Kids - Learn all about geography and fascinating animals. (You don't have to join, just click on the word GO.)

PBS Kids - Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning

Ruff Ruffman - Ruff Ruffman: Humble Media Genius explores the dynamic world of digital media literacy.

Seussville - Read, play games, and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends.

Space Racers - Exploring the Wonders of Space Together.

Star Fall - Practice your phonics skills with these read-along stories

Storyline Online - Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars

Switcheroo Zoo - Watch, listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals.


ALMA Para Ninos - Conoce el observatorio más grande del mundo junto a Talma