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North Judson-San Pierre Board Questions Balanced Calendar Alignment

posted Oct 22, 2014, 9:23 AM by North Judson Public Library

Published: October 22, 2014 
By: Mary Perren, WKVI

North Judson-San Pierre School Board members raised a question about the balanced calendar during their meeting last night. The proposed calendar moves the start of school to the first of August, adds longer breaks in the fall and spring that can be used for remediation if necessary and ends the school year the first of June. The first semester would still end in December before the two week Christmas break as it presently does.

Board members wondered what the earlier start to the school year would do to high school students who work for Pioneer detassling corn during their summer vacations.

Questions have also been raised about youngsters in 4-H who compete at the Indiana State Fair in August. Superintendent Lynn Johnson says she will talk to the other superintendents in the area about possibly starting school two weeks later and getting out in mid-June. She noted that would push the end of the first semester into January. However, students would still have some time to review lessons before taking final exams.

Extending the year into June would also accommodate the state-mandated I-Read exams, which are given to third graders in March and with re-tests in June. If school is still in session, the corporation could avoid the expense of summer school.

Johnson told the board she’s talked at length with Knox and Oregon-Davis Superintendents A.J. Gappa and Greg Briles. The corporations are part of the same vocational and special education cooperatives and share other resources like occupational therapists, so the superintendents want to make sure their calendars line up as closely as possible.

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board could vote on the balanced calendar at their Nov. 18 meeting. Johnson wants to hear from the public one more time before making a final decision. However a date for another presentation has not been announced.

10/3/2014 Fourth Grade Field Trip

posted Oct 9, 2014, 10:59 AM by North Judson Public Library

The fourth grade will be traveling to Fair Oaks Adventure Center on Friday, October 1oth.  Fair Oaks is an agri-tourism destination unlike anything else!  They will visit a dairy museum and experience dairy in a new way.  Farming lifestyle and riding a cow bus will be part of the fun and exciting day!  The new "Pig Adventure" is a state-of-the-art technological experience they will squeal about.  The students are excited about this fun and educational trip!

10/3/2014 Handbook Reminder

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Many times in our fast paced lives we don’t get a chance to read our Student Handbook. We will be putting excerpts from the handbook in weekly.

Arrival/Dismissal Information for Kindergarten through Grade Five
  1. For the safety of children, North Judson-San Pierre Elementary students who do not ride the bus should enter and exit the east doors of the building. Special exceptions are made for walkers who use the crossing guard.
  2. Students will wait in the cafeteria. No student is allowed in a classroom before the buses empty.
  3. The school day begins at 7:50 and ends at 2:25.

Parent/Guest Visitation

Parents who need to talk with a teacher outside of a P/T Conferences should call and make an appointment.  Parents should leave a message on the teacher’s voice mail or e-mail them.

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10/3/2014 Communication is the key to a strong parent teacher team

posted Oct 9, 2014, 9:51 AM by North Judson Public Library

Research shows that parent involvement in education is connected to student success at school. When teachers and parents work together, the results can be powerful.

But parent-teacher relationships are like any other—they require good communication. At the start of the school year, make a point to:
  • Set the tone. It’s natural to have questions when the school year begins. To build a strong parent-teacher foundation, let the teacher know that you appreciate her work. Ask key questions respectfully. Show support for your child and the class, and encourage the teacher to keep in touch.
  • Be positive. When you talk with the teacher, enjoy hearing about your child’s strengths. But also prepare to hear about weaknesses or misbehavior. Remember to react helpfully. You and the teacher both want your child to do well. Addressing struggles is the only way to find solutions.
  • Role-play. Some parents are shy about talking with the teacher. If this describes you, imagine meeting with her. What would you say? How would you respond to questions? Practice with someone you trust. Take turns presenting both points of view. Still worried? Using email may put you at ease.
  • Choose words carefully. Make polite requests rather than demands. A helpful tip is to use the word we instead of you. (“How can we stay in touch to help Chloe?” is less off-putting than “You should tell me if Chloe is falling behind.”) The teacher isn’t your opponent; she’s your teammate.
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10/3/2014 A Note from Kindergarten

posted Oct 9, 2014, 9:46 AM by North Judson Public Library

In Reading we are learning about the parts of a flower. The non-fiction story called “Flowers” is very informative about how flowers grow and all the parts of a flower. Our vocabulary words are stem, petals, seeds, buds, fruits and bloom. We learn and grow together! In math we are making comparisons of length, capacity, weight, and temperature of objects. Ask your child to identify at home which object is shorter, longer, taller, lighter, heavier, warmer, cooler, and what holds more.

Happy Learning!

9/26/2014 Five ways parents can improve their children’s listening skills

posted Oct 6, 2014, 1:04 PM by North Judson Public Library

Now that summer is over and school has started, it’s time to help your child get back into the swing of things.

One way to do this is to help your child work on her listening skills. Research shows that the ability to listen is one of the most important skills children need in order to be successful in school.

To help your child strengthen her listening skills:
1. Be a good model. When your child is telling you something, stop what you’re doing. Look at her and give your full attention. Some parents find it easier to sit down so that their child’s eyes are at their own eye-level.

2. Have family members take turns telling about their day. Then have each person draw a name and repeat something that happened to the person whose name they drew.

3. Play Simon Says. This will teach your child to listen very carefully and to follow directions exactly.

4. Practice reflective listening. When you say something, ask your child to paraphrase what you said. When your child asks a question, repeat her question and then respond.

5. Stop and ask questions during story time. When you get to an exciting part of the book, ask, “What do you think will happen next?” or “Why do you think she said that?” 

Parents make the difference!
 September 2014

9/26/2014 The 1st Grade Visits Garwood Orchard

posted Oct 6, 2014, 1:01 PM by North Judson Public Library

The first grade enjoyed their day at the Garwood Apple Orchard in La Porte this week. They took a wagon ride through the orchard and learned the correct way to pick an apple. They picked apples to fill their bags. They watched to see how apples are sorted and packed. They also enjoyed some apple cider, fresh baked donuts, and a picnic lunch. Yum! Each child brought home a small pumpkin. What a beautiful and fun day!

9/26/2014 Fifth Grade News

posted Oct 6, 2014, 12:56 PM by North Judson Public Library

Fifth Grade students just finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  They watched the movie and enjoyed movie theater popcorn.  The students compared and contrasted the book to the movie.  To their surprise the book was much better than the movie.


posted Oct 6, 2014, 12:51 PM by North Judson Public Library

The HealthLink Mobile School-Based Health Center will be here on Oct. 14 & 21 to finish those students whose are receiving dental services.

Academic Competitions for the 2014-2015 School Year

posted Sep 15, 2014, 12:01 PM by North Judson Public Library

Looking for information about Academic Competitions at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels?  You can find information listed on the North Judson-San Pierre School website by clicking on the following link ACADEMIC COMPETITIONS.

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