1/17/2014 Parents Can Read With Children

    posted Jan 20, 2014, 9:30 AM by North Judson Public Library
    For a child who’s just learning to recognize letters, play “Alphabet Concentration.” On one set of 3” x 5” cards, print the alphabet in capital letters. On another set, print the alphabet in lower-case letters. Now shuffle the cards, turn them over, and lay them all out. Players can make a pair by matching the capital letter with its lower-case partner. For very young children, start with a few pairs, gradually working up to the entire deck. 

    A “reading dinner” can provide special reading time for your family. Announce the meal before hand. That night, everyone comes to the table with something to read. And don’t forget to turn off the TV. 

    It’s one time when reading at the table is allowed. You may want to read something aloud for everyone to share. And be sure to talk about what each family member is reading. 

    An occasional reading dinner works because it’s special. It also gives kids a chance to see that reading is important for the whole family.

    When a child asks a question, and you don’t know the answer, help her find it. A trip to the local library or a search on the Internet will help your child find the answer to her question…and learn how to find answers to many questions in the future. 

    If you’re not a good reader yourself, you can still help your child. Listen to books on tape with her and follow along in the book. When your child begins reading for herself, set aside some time to have her read to you. You can make regular visits to the library with your child. And you can make sure your child has plenty of books, newspapers and magazines available.

    The Parent Institute-Parents Can Read With Children