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    3/18/2014 It's Almost SPRING!!!!!

    posted Mar 18, 2014, 5:49 PM by North Judson Public Library

    I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since I last put paw to keyboard!  Can’t believe that St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone!  Why before you know it SPRING will be here, at least that’s the rumor going around the house.

    Mom checked the Farmer’s Almanac online ( and they’re predicting snow until March 24th.  I certainly hope they’re wrong.  That snow in the backyard just isn’t melting fast enough for me.  Just a few weeks ago it was so cold that I could walk on top of the snow.  Then it got warmer and instead of standing on top I kept breaking through the crust, which made it difficult for me to explore.  It finally got to the point where all that smushed, gray grass is showing through so I now have most of my yard back.

    Just can’t wait to see what decides to grow back there.  Mom says that what we do have isn’t all grass, but as long as it’s green I don’t think she minds.  Lately she’s been thinking of getting me my very own bush, something that won’t grow too big but will give me some shade in the summer.  Actually, I prefer to sit in the back yard and sunbathe, when it gets too hot I either move into the shade cast by the garage or the house – it depends on the mood I’m in.

    Well, that darn cat Daisy is driving me crazy right now running around looking for food.  Daisy is so skinny that the vet said she should get two cans of wet food a day!  I only get wet food for my Sunday meal.  Anyway, Mom started “hiding” food for Daisy to find and suddenly she’s been eating like a little piggy and then looking for more.  When Mom came back from a small family gathering the first thing Daisy did when she saw her was to run to the TV and see if there was any food there!  She did that at least 3 times before Mom got out the food and restocked the hiding spots.

    I was more restrained, as a result I got some special doggy treats Mom picked up at a bakery in Vincennes.  After telling Mom how glad I was that we were both back home – I stayed with Auntie Jane and her Great Dane – and after finishing my treats I settled into my chair beside Mom and fell asleep. 

    Whew, all this typing as made me tired, guess I’ll stop now and get comfy in my chair and wait for Mom.  Hope you all enjoy the nicer weather.