Volume 12 - Agency Funds

posted Oct 12, 2016, 10:37 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library   [ updated Oct 20, 2017, 10:55 AM ]
It does not take a large amount of money for a single person to make a difference in the community. When many community members pool their contributions, both large and small, it can make a huge impact. As one of our Starke County Community Foundation (SCCF) founders and generous supporters, Jim Hardesty, once said, “If you can’t do a lot, do what you can do. Don’t forget that.”

Gifts to the SCCF can be unrestricted, or they can go toward a certain fund in order to support certain organizations or areas of giving. (Click here to read about how the SCCF handles its donations to make sure they will impact the community forever!)

For example, the SCCF has many agency funds that support specific organizations. Agency funds are for any non-profit organization or agency that wishes to establish endowment funds with the Foundation for management and investment purposes. The Foundation regularly distributes the annual income back to the organizations and agencies for operating their programs.

One agency fund with the SCCF is the Community Services of Starke County Fund, which was established in 2009 by the Community Services of Starke County to provide support to their organization forever.

This agency exists to provide dependable, quality services to low-income, elderly, and disabled citizens in Starke County so they may maintain their independence in their own home.

In 1998, one of our earliest funds was established in support of the Starke County Humane Society, Inc. The annual distribution of this agency fund assists the Humane Society in fulfilling their charitable mission.

Another example of an SCCF agency fund is the Starke County Youth Club Sustainability Fund. The Starke County Youth Club (SCYC) was awarded a Sustainability Grant from the SCCF in 2014 in order to support the program. The grant was in the form of a $5,000 endowment fund that would generate income for the SCYC forever.

The SCYC supports children and families through after-school and summer programs that provide a safe, enriching environment with positive role models.

Anyone can contribute to agency funds through the SCCF in order to support the agency they care about. Through these funds, charitable organizations have reliable income to forever assist them in fulfilling their worthwhile missions for the enhancement of Starke County.

Next week, we will discuss donor-advised funds, another type of fund that allows donors to decide how their contributions impact the community. 

SCCF Director of Development, Sarah Origer, presents a check to the SC Humane Society