Volume 13 - It's Your Choice

posted Oct 19, 2016, 12:10 PM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library   [ updated Oct 20, 2017, 10:56 AM ]
Over the years, as communities evolve, their charitable needs change as well. New non-profit organizations form, too, with worthwhile causes. In order to meet the community’s ever-changing needs, some donors decide to contribute to or establish a donor-advised fund. 

Donor-advised funds give the donor who established the fund the advantage of assisting in the selection of the charity they want to support each year. Rather than assisting one organization, these funds could support a different organization each year, or funds could even be split between several organizations.

One family has utilized the advantages of a donor-advised fund in order to provide a charitable vehicle to their children. David and Lusia Wozniak established the Wozniak Family Fund in 2016, a donor-advised fund that provides support for programs and activities that fulfill charitable purposes.

The couple plan to encourage their children to assist in the selection of the non-profit organization the fund will support each year. The Wozniaks hope that this experience inspires their children to continue their legacy of giving. 

James Hardesty also established a donor-advised fund, The Hardesty Memorial Endowment Fund, in 2005. This fund supports charitable purposes with special consideration given to three agencies that Jim cared about: the Starke County Historical Society, Ancilla College, and the Hamlet Fire Department.

This year, a grant of $25,000 from the Hardesty Memorial Endowment was awarded to Ancilla College in support of the new on-campus housing facility. Furthermore, it is the intent of the SCCF to grant $20,000 for the next four years following this initial gift, for a total of $105,000.

The Hardesty Memorial Endowment also helped to fund the new James. R. Hardesty Hamlet/Davis Twp. Volunteer Fire Station and Community Center with a commitment of $25,000 each year for eight years, totaling $200,000.

NIPSCO established a donor-advised fund, the NIPSCO Endowment Fund, in 1998. The fund assists non-profit organizations relating to education and business. This fund has supported many Starke County charitable agencies, such as the Starke County Youth Club, the Center of Workforce Innovation, the SCILL Center, and Community Services of Starke County.

Donor-advised funds offer much flexibility for the donor establishing the fund. When donors feel very passionate about multiple organizations, or when they want to address the needs of Starke County as the community changes, donor-advised funds serve as a great option to help those donors fulfill their charitable wishes.

Join us next week to learn more about the scholarships offered to Starke County students through the SCCF!

Front row, far left: SCCF Dir. Of Dev. Sarah Origer at the groundbreaking of the 
James R. Hardesty Hamlet/Davis Twp. Volunteer Fire Station and Community Center