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"Every Hero Has A Story"

posted by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

As our Summer Reading theme is "Every Hero Has A Story" it is only fitting to share this story about a real local hero. Good job, Officer Czupryn.

From the Porter County Sheriff's Office:  

Officer Paul Czupryn was working crowd control at the Valparaiso Fireworks on Saturday July 4th 2015 at Valplayso. At approximately 9:30pm, Officer Czupryn observed a vehicle drive over a curb from Glendale Boulevard into a closed construction area of the playground. The vehicle was accelerating toward a group of more than 100 spectators that were watching the fireworks. Officer Czupryn ran along side the vehicle banging on the driver side trying to get the driver to "Stop!" When it was obvious the driver was not going to stop, Officer Czupryn opened the driver's side door as he ran along side and was pushed back by the driver. He was able to pull on the steering wheel, directing the vehicle away from the now scattering crowd, as they ran toward the road out of the vehicle's line of travel. Officer Czupryn then lost his grip and fell from the fleeing vehicle, sustaining minor injuries, and immediately radioed for assistance. He then ran back to his fully marked Police Issued Motorcycle, where he attempted to check the area to locate the vehicle. Officer Czupryn did locate the suspect vehicle a short distance away, where the driver again refused to stop for the fully marked motorcycle unit. The suspect vehicle was boxed in by several other vehicles at a stop light when Officer Czupryn then pulled behind the vehicle, reached in through the passenger side and shut the vehicle off. The suspect was taken into custody and several charges are pending including Minor Consumption, Operating while Intoxicated (presumptive Blood Alcohol level of .20%), Criminal Recklessness, and Resisting Law Enforcement. The passenger was also arrested for Minor Consumption of alcohol. An excellent job by Officer Czupryn for all the lives he saved that night alone and fighting to keep our community safe!

Summer Safety – Temperatures Inside Cars Can Easily Exceed 100 Degrees

posted by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

Published: July 7, 2015 
By: Jacque Ryan, WKVI

During the coming months, summer temperatures are expected to soar. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration likes to annually remind care-givers of small children to never leave a child unattended in a vehicle. They report that on a 60 degree day temperatures inside a locked car can get well above 100 degrees very quickly. On hotter days that get up into the 80s and 90s outside, temperatures in a car can be a dangerous 130 to 160 degrees within minutes. These conditions are obviously incredibly dangerous to young children who can potentially die when their bodies temperatures exceed 107 degrees. Heatstroke does not always lead to death but can also cause various other health problems such as permanent brain damage, deafness and the loss of sight. 

Heatstroke injuries and fatalities are 100 percent preventable. The most important bit of advice is to never leave a child in a car without supervision. Even if you have your air cranked up and/or windows rolled down and “you’ll only be gone a second” it is not worth the risk, bring your child with you or leave them at home with another parent or sitter where they will be safer.

If you’re dropping your child off at daycare prior to work and may find yourself in a hurry, leave yourself a reminder such as a stuffed animal in your passenger seat or your purse or briefcase in the back seat to ensure your child gets where they need to be.

Not all vehicle-related heatstroke accidents happen from forgetful parents, sometimes curious kids will find their way into dangerous situations all on their own. Before locking your car, check all the seats and your trunk for stow-aways. Once you’re sure the car is clear, secure all locks and your store your keys in a safe place out-of-reach. Teach your children that the vehicle is not a play area.

The NHTSA launched the “Look Before You Lock” educational campaign three years ago to provide simple tips that can not only save lives but help families prevent unnecessary heartache. Share these tips with friends and family members and remember that if you see an unattended child in a locked car, you have every right to contact authorities for that child’s safety. Do not hesitate to call 911, you could potentially save a life.

Filing Error Prompts Recertification of North Judson Town Ordinances

posted by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

Published: July 7, 2015 
By: Tyler Maffitt, WKVI 
Certain residents living in North Judson could be prevented from voting in this November’s election.

During Monday’s Starke County Election Board meeting, ordinances dealing with the annexation of property developments from 2001, as well as an ordinance dealing with the establishment of Town Wards from 2012 were reviewed.

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry appeared before the board to say that way the ordinances were filed may present problems for this year’s election.

“If we did need to have a municipal election, it would be held, it’s just those outlying areas would not be able to vote,” says Henry.

The Town of North Judson, according to the discussion, did not record the ordinances with the Starke County Clerk’s office as required under state law. That means the Town must recertify the ordinances and record them with the Clerk before they’re recognized.

Because of this, certain segments of the population of North Judson, mostly outlying areas could be prevented from voting in this year’s General Municipal Election.

Starke County Election Board member Peg Brettin says more information is needed before making a recommendation.

“We’ll try, I think, with some conversation with the state to get them to understand what’s occurred here and we’ll see where they go with that,” says Brettin. “At the moment, we’re kind of in limbo.”

The Town of North Judson plans to recertify the ordinances this week. The Starke County Election Board said they intend to speak with the Secretary of State’s Election Division to understand the options available to Town residents who may be turned away at the polls.

N.J.-S.P. School Board Moves Forward With School Funding Referendum

posted by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

Published: July 7, 2015 
By: Jacque Ryan, WKVI

Though the school board typically meets on the third Tuesday of every month, the North Judson-San Pierre Board of Trustees held a special school board meeting yesterday evening in which they considered and deliberated the need for a referendum tax levy to carry out their public education duty.

This means that in November the public will be asked to either confirm or deny the implementation of a property tax rate that will not exceed forty-seven and half cents on each one hundred dollars for the purpose of funding the general operations of the North Judson-San Pierre school corporation. This maximum rate will be reviewed annually during the seven calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum. It will never exceed higher than this approved rate but could potentially be lowered based on revenue and expenditures.

Attorney at Law ,Thomas W. Peterson was present and has worked with the school corporation for approximately 15 years. Peterson serves as the bond council for the NJ-SP School Board and essentially described this motion as the corporation taking action to ensure the progression of the schools, “It gets to a point where you start to notice there are different types of education strategies that are being offered at many schools of the same size that you just can’t afford to do.” he explained, “I mean we’re not talking extravagance here, we’re talking about the kind of educational program you want to provide to your students and the question is are you willing to finance that? And this is the way that the state of Indiana says you have to do that.”

A copy of the resolution must be provided to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, the Starke County and Pulaski County Clerks as well as the Auditors of both Starke and Pulaski County for informational purposes only. The resolution must be submitted accordingly in order to have the public question placed on the ballot of the municipal general election on November 3 of this year. From this point on the superintendent and members of the board are authorized and directed to take all steps necessary and prudent to gain passage of this public question.

Prior to referendum discussion the board swore a new member into office and dealt with the organization of the school board. All current positions remained the same except that Michael Shireman will now serve as Secretary of the Board due to Marsha Reinbold’s resignation. The establishment of board member compensation was unanimously accepted to remain the same. The board motioned to table administrative contracts and non-instructional employees salaries pending work session discussions. They will readdress those agenda items during their next school board meeting scheduled for July 14.

The board also established regular board meeting dates and times. Although the summer schedule has been a bit skewed, the board approved to continue holding meetings for the 2015/16 school year in the administrative building on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.

Mosquito Tips – From Keeping Them Out of Sight to Dealing With Bites, Be Sure You’re Handling it Right

posted by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

Published: July 7, 2015 
By: Jacque Ryan, WKVI 

When you consider the phrase “killer creatures” your mind most likely automatically turns to those creepy crawlers and vicious attackers of the animal kingdom such as snakes, sharks and other wild animals. You may be shocked to discover that the world’s deadliest creature is actually an insect. Mosquitoes kill more people world wild than sharks, wolves, lions, elephants, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, dogs, tape and round worms, freshwater snails, assassin bugs, Tsetse flies, snakes and humans combined! After adding together the reported number of fatalities from the animals listed above it came out to 586,220 deaths which is still 138,780 less than the astonishing 725,000 deaths from mosquitoes on a yearly basis.

Not every mosquito is a cold blooded killer, just the ones carrying infectious diseases such as West Nile Virus and Malaria. To put you at ease, Indiana cases of Malaria and the West Nile Virus are quite rare. According to the Indiana Epidemiology Report zero cases of Malaria were reported within the state last year. As far as the West Nile Virus is concerned, the United States Geological Survey Disease Map states that only ten cases were reported overall in 2014. However, even when they aren’t carrying diseases these bugs can still be quite a nuisance, this is why it’s best to be as prepared as possible to avoid being bitten and potentially exposed to a deadly disease.

When it comes to a mosquito’s ideal location, the wetter the better. To reduce the likelihood of these bloodsuckers infiltrating your home and yard do your best to dry up any standing water. Clean your gutters and eliminate any areas where they would be likely to breed such as old tires, empty flower pots and puddles and ponds with stagnant water. Keep grass and shrubbery properly maintained because adult mosquitoes can use unkempt lawns as hiding spots during the day.

Mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk, avoid going out then if at all possible. Wear long sleeves and pants if venturing out during those times. Apply bug spray containing DEET to yourself and family members to keep from getting bitten. Burning Tiki-Torches or candles and oils with citronella, peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass or eucalyptus can help keep areas insect free. Applying those essential oils to your skin can also work as a natural repellent.

If you can’t avoid the dreaded bug-bite here are few tips to help you deal with the itchy new additions. First off, don’t scratch! Scratching will only further irritate the bite and can cause a greater risk for infection. Treat your bite as soon as you see it sprout up, clean it with rubbing alcohol and then apply an antihistamine lotion or cream.

Other less conventional methods include using toothpaste, deodorant and mouth wash to dry up the bite and leave you itch free. Using ice on your bug bite can help reduce swelling and cool the area down. Hot baths with the addition of oatmeal, salt or cider vinegar can also serve as a temporary way to sooth itchy skin. Click here to find more methods to keep your summer as itch-free as it possibly can be!

Kid’s Closet Ministry Receives Grants to Help Starke County Youngsters

posted Jul 6, 2015, 9:22 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

Published: July 6, 2015 
By: Jacque Ryan, WKVI 

A foundation that focuses on providing for the community has recently received quite a substantial amount of money for their dedication to the well being of the children of Starke County. Kid’s Closet Ministry was not only gifted a $2,000 grant through the Starke United Fund but recently was approved to receive $3,000 thanks to the kind submission of a community member who realized the importance of the foundation.

First Choice Insurance employee Carrie Block contacted the founder of of Kid’s Closet Ministry, Linda Lewandowski to ask her permission to apply for a grant through Safeco’s “Make More Happen” program. Lewandowski provided all the necessary information and Block applied for the grant, which was approved. The organization receives an initial $3,000 however it doesn’t end there.

Lewandowski explained that citizens have a unique opportunity to help the foundation receive more grant money just by voting for Kid’s Closet Ministry online, “It will be done through the Safeco website, where people can go in and vote for an additional three to ten thousand dollars once they get that up and running which is going to be pretty soon, I think by the end of July.”

The $3,000 from Safeco is going to be spent on purchasing shoes, socks, underwear and other various clothes items that aren’t currently in stock. The $2,000 from the Starke United Fund will be spent to purchase supplies and school bags for the Kid’s Closet Ministry annual ‘Pack-a-Backpack’ Event.

However, the grant can only provide so much. Lewandowski reported that last year about 250 children came through the doors of the fellowship hall at the North Judson Methodist Church during the event. This year they expect even more kids and families to attend. For this reason Kid’s Closet will be posted in front of the Dollar General stores in Knox and North Judson collecting additional school supplies on Saturday, July 11 from 8 am until 2 pm.

You have a chance to contribute to this event that helps children of the community go back to school prepared. Lewandowski stressed the importance of such an event, “I think it’s very important for children to go to school with all the right supplies that they need to learn and to grow in school. It give them self confidence, self esteem just to have all the right things that they need.”

You meet the criteria for this event if you qualify for free or reduced lunch or any other kind of financial aid. The Kid’s Closet Ministry Pack-a-Backpack event is scheduled to take place July 27th and 28th in the North Judson United Methodist Church fellowship hall. If you’re unsure about whether or not you can qualify or have any questions about Kid’s Closet Ministry contact Director Linda Lewandowski at 574-896-2611.

Lincoln Funeral Train Commemorative DVD

posted Jun 12, 2015, 2:29 PM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library

If you missed the Lincoln Funeral Train program, or if you attended and would like a souvenir, here is your chance to relive local history.

How to Submit Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay Nomination

posted May 28, 2015, 10:04 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library   [ updated Jun 11, 2015, 10:55 AM ]

The Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay was created to honor Hoosiers who demonstrate:

- Exceptional public service to their county and/or community
- Achievement and excellence in their profession
- Acts of heroism
- Exceptional volunteer service and leadership to their neighborhood, community, region or state

The Torch Relay will traverse 2,300+ miles during a five-and-a-half week journey.  It will kick off on September 9 in Corydon and end on the statehouse ground in Indianapolis on October 15 after traveling through each of Indiana’s 92 counties.  Torchbearers will be Hoosiers, representing all walks of life.

Over 1,900 Torchbearers will be selected to carry the torch and all will carry the torch in the county in which they were nominated.  The torch will be transported multi-modally.  That is, it will be carried on foot (walking or running), by bicycle, automobile, boat, train, tractor, helicopter and other modes of transport that are deemed safe, secure and representative of Indiana culture and heritage.

Who can carry the torch?

Torchbearers must meet specific criteria to be considered as an Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay Torchbearer.  Those criteria are outlined below.

- Must possess the physical adaptive ability to carry the torch (no more than 32” in length and less than 5 pounds) a minimum of .25 miles
- Must be a resident of Indiana, former resident of Indiana, nominated in honor of someone who is or was a resident of Indiana.
- Must be a current or former resident of the county in which they are being nominated.
- Must be at least 14 years of age to carry the live flame Flagship Torch.  If under 14, the nominee will be required to carry the no flame Kids Torch.
- May be subject to a criminal background check.
- May be nominated posthumously.  A substitute Torchbearer can be submitted to carry on behalf of the nominee.  (See nomination form).
- Must be nominated by another individual and a complete nomination form must be submitted on the nominee’s behalf.

How do I nominate someone?

There are a few different ways to nominate a Hoosier to carry the torch.  Click Here to download the 2015 Torchbearer Nomination Form. Please complete the nomination form in full.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Methods of Nomination

- A writable PDF form can be Downloaded Here.
- Nominators need to complete the form, save it to their computer and then email the form back as an attachment.
- Nomination forms submitted via email should be made to the designated county contact as indicated at the bottom of this page.

- Printed nomination forms may be completed and submitted via U.S. Mail or dropped off at a county designated location.
- Nomination forms should be mailed or dropped off to the designated county contact as indicated  at the bottom of this page.

When can I nominate someone?

The Torchbearer nomination window will be open from May 8 through December 31, 2015.  Nomination forms submitted after December 31 will not be accepted.  Please complete the nomination form in full.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

How are the Torchbearers selected?

Once all the nomination forms are collected, a juried nomination process will be employed in each county to select Torchbearers.  Small nomination committees have been formed in each county to manage this process on a county by county basis.

What is the preliminary timeline for the Torchbearer program?

- May 2015 thru December 31, 2015 – Nomination Period
- February 2016 – Primary Selections Made at the County Level
- April 2016 – Final Selection Made
- June 2016 – Torchbearers Announced

How do I submit my nomination form? 

Starke County Coordinator: David Pearman

Email Or Mail Location:
David Pearman
6140 E. 25N
Knox, IN 46534
Coordinator: David Pearman
Phone: 574-772-5548

Drop-off Location:
Starke County Chamber of Commerce
400 N. Heaton St.
Knox, IN 46534

Community Services of Starke County Collection Sites

posted Jun 18, 2014, 3:29 PM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library   [ updated May 26, 2015, 9:24 AM ]

Community Services of Starke County’s Food Pantry has two collection sites in North Judson.  You can drop off much needed food items during regular business hours at: 

Dr. Bejes’ Office                   
414 Lane Street                     

Dr. Dalphond’s Office
108 West State Street

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