National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Provides Winter Tips for Motorists (12/6)

posted Dec 6, 2017, 8:58 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library
Posted on December 6, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI 

As winter weather approaches driving conditions will become more hazardous with an increase of snow and ice on the roadways during the coming months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a few tips to keep in mind, to ensure all motorists have a safe holiday travel season.

Be sure to check that your vehicle’s battery, windshield wipers, tires and heating system are all in proper working order before severe winter weather hits. NHTSA also advises drivers to clean snow, ice or dirt from all windows, sensors, headlights and taillights before taking off in a vehicle.

Keep your vehicle stocked with necessary safety supplies in case of an emergency. These supplies should include blankets, a snow shovel and ice scraper as well as some abrasive material such as sand or kitty litter in case your vehicle gets stuck. Also carry jumper cables, flashlights and warning devices such as flares or emergency markers.

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