NJ Town Council Approves Signage for Prairie Trails Club (11/7)

posted Nov 7, 2017, 8:27 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library
Posted on November 7, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI 

The North Judson Town Council received a request on behalf of the Prairie Trail Club (PTC) to install signage at the intersection of State Road 10 and State Road 39 during their meeting yesterday evening.

Peggy Bohac spoke as a liaison for Steve Lucas, the president of the PTC, and explained that the club had expressed interest in putting a sign up by Norwayne Field to alert people of where to find the trail. The trail in question is the North Judson Erie Trail which is part of the transcontinental American Discovery Trail. It was utilized for the 5K Color Run this summer.

She said that representatives with the Hoosier Valley Railway Museum have reported that many people come to the museum looking for the trail and often times the staff there is unaware of how to direct individuals.

In order to save time for the museum employees as well as travelers wishing to utilize the trail, PTC representatives proposed installing signage to clear up any confusion. Bohac went onto say that signs could also be installed along the trail in to alert cyclists of the available restaurants and other potential pit stops within the town.

The request received unanimous council approval. Bohac said she would also approach the Park Board with the same request, in order to make sure that all involved parties are informed of the decision.