Starke County Commissioners Pass UTV Ordinance (12/5)

posted Dec 5, 2017, 8:51 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library
Posted on December 5, 2017
Author Anita Goodan, WKVI 

The Starke County Commissioners held a public hearing Monday night on the proposed UTV Ordinance.

The county’s ordinance authorizes and regulates the use of Recreational Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs or side-by-sides) and Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) on certain county roads.

Betty Boggs spoke against the use of UTVs or ORVs on the county’s roads citing a noise nuisance, property damage, road damage, crop damage in some cases, disregard of laws and speed, and general carelessness of drivers.

Another comment was given by a resident stating that he wants to use his ORV to have fun on property where he has permission to do so. This ordinance allows him to use his ORV to get to his destination for this purpose.

Commissioner Kathy Norem stated that while she respects Betty Boggs’ statements and knows her personally, Norem has received less opposing comments than supportive comments toward the ordinance.

“It seems to me that there’s an overwhelming number of folks that do want this ordinance, and as a public servant I feel like we have to attempt to pay attention to what the bulk of the folks ask us to do,” said Norem. “I think that every attempt to make it as safe, comprehensive, and very specific as possible has been done. While I don’t personally care for this, I think it’s reasonable and in keeping with what the majority of what folks want.”

The commissioners did unanimously approve the ordinance on third reading, thus adopting the ordinance. It will be advertised and go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

A copy of the ordinance is available in the auditor’s office or you can download a copy by clicking here.