North Judson Fire Chief Shares Ways The Department is Raising Funds for the Town

posted Dec 7, 2017, 8:26 AM by North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library
Posted on December 7, 2017
Author Jacque Ryan, WKVI 

North Judson Fire Chief Joe Leszek presented council members with a few different ways the fire department is helping bring money into the town at Monday’s town council meeting.

Leszek shared that the fire fighters host a number of fundraisers which prove successful and added that the volunteers also go out of their way to apply for grants. They recently received $8,000 worth of grant funding

“We got a $3,000 dollar Starke County Community Foundation Grant, no match, it’s $3,000 of free money for us. We also got a $2,500 REMC Grant and then we also got a $2,500 Monsanto Grant.”

Leszek explained that the grant funds will be put toward the purchase of brush fire gear for all members and will also be spent to upgrade some leaky tanks on a couple of trucks.

The fire chief also shared the status of a few different township contracts. He explained that Wayne and Jackson Townships have fixed contracts where they pay $10,000 annually. He added that Rich Grove Township, on the other hand, has a contract where they pay $660 per-run.

Leszek said last year, Rich Grove only required 5 runs but this year they had a total of 46, resulting in a bill of $30,360. The payment has yet to be made, however Leszek presented a proposal of how the additional money could be used.

He told council members, “What I’m asking is, since that’s such a huge chunk and unexpected chunk, I believe those contracts usually get paid into the general. I was hoping that we could split that and use $15,000 to reinvest into the department for equipment.”

He said the department is currently working towards a goal of $23,000 to purchase some edraulic extrication tools. Council President Wendy Hoppe said the matter would be taken under advisement and further action could be taken once the funds are received.

Additionally, Leszek said he’s discussed the possibility of implementing a fixed contract with Rich Grove Township. He was asked to come present some additional information at one of their advisory board meetings and then they’d deliberate about which option would be more beneficial to the township.